Dragon Ball Super ‘HG Girls’

Some new HG (High Grade Real Figures) Dragon Ball figures are on the way soon, modeled this time after Videl and Mai. For some collectors, this news is especially exciting as it’s the first time we’ve seen a 5 inch scale figure of Mai! The figures are 120mm / 4.7inches in height, will be retailing for 1944JPY and will begin being shipped in April, 2018.

From the new series “HG GIRLS” that maximizes the charm of female characters, the second volume of Dragon Ball appears! This time “Mai” and “Videl” are released at the same time! Mai with an expression of determination and Videl with an expression of a mischievous girl are three-dimensionalized with new proportions!

Dragon Ball HG Girls

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  • wesker1984


  • Amdazzler

    They are nice, but that price, it’s just too much for me. 🙁

    • MajinRob

      1944JPY is roughly $18~

      • Amdazzler

        Oh, my mistake. Bungled my math.