Dragon Ball Super “Dragon Stars” Figures Hitting Stores

For the first time in years, we are getting treated to U.S. made Dragon Ball figures, and they are starting to hit stores, looking like Game Stops are getting them first, so it seems like other retailers and online shops will be getting them soon.

While these figures arnt quite on the detail level of Tamashii Nations, these are a huge milestone over the junk we tolerated growing up under Irwin Toys and Jakks Pacific (ultimate derp faces). Not only are they in “Marvel Legends” style collectable boxes, but we get a Shenron B-A-F also!

So what does everyone think? Will you be hunting your game stops for these figures? Wait for them to come online? Or stick to Figuarts?

  • Za Warudo

    I actually saw these at my GameStop about a week ago. Didn’t realize they hadn’t release yet.

  • Rezo Inverse

    I still prefer the Figuarts, however, there has been so much reuse on the figures and so few variety on characters that, that I really hope that Dragon Stars got more and more and more succes and quality from now on. So maybe Bandai decides to work better again.

  • Skull

    Any clue on the SDCC Exclusive for this year?

  • dink

    I’ll pay attention to them if they show me figures of characters that aren’t just the same old 4 or 5 super saiyans. Definitely not too shabby for a cheapish figure though.

  • Miguel “Sonic The Hedgehog” Ou

    Still only gonna buy Figuarts