Did Bandai Just Reveal a ‘Dragon Ball’ S.H. Figuarts Krillin?

An interesting photo was posted at the end of a post on the Japanese S.H. Figuarts blog page. A photo that appears to show S.H. Figuarts ‘Kid Goku’ laying on the ground with his tail being held by another mysterious character, who is wearing the same gi.

SH Figuarts Krillin from Dragon Ball

We think we know exactly who this mystery figure is purported to be and we have a screen shot to back up our thoughts! The photo seems very similar to a scene from Dragon Ball in which we see Krillin squeezing Goku’s tail:


The blog post is very vague as to any other details, but something tells me we will be seeing this figure confirmed in the next Shonen Jump Calendar update.

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  • eligamerman

    This is a cool tease! Can’t wait for kid Krillin.

    • MajinRob

      I hope they continue to do neat teases like this from here on out. I also really want to see a King Piccolo figure soon.