Close Up of Premium Color Edition Perfect Cell

Good morning collectors. Just wanted to drop these new pictures for those excited about the new Pre oil Color Cell figure. Tamashii Nations posted this on their official Instagram page.

Premium Color Edition Cell

..and here is an even better close up submitted to us via email.

PCE Cell

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  • Za Warudo

    I love the variation in texture, like how there is a shiny black for the black pieces and the matte paints for the rest of the figure.

  • Minz


  • Boycott_repaints

    Bandai is just making more money out of us making these repainted toys using the same plastic mold. We have to demand that Bandai make completely new sculpts. All the first releases are going to become worthless. In the long run all releases are going to be worthless if Bandai keeps doing this. We enjoy collecting toys that become hard to find over time and appreciate in value. SH Figuarts dragonball toys are going to suffer the same fate as Saint Seiya toys. Many of the first issues toys are supposed to be LIMITED EDTIONS and hard to find. Now they have become unlimited editions as Bandai keeps re-issuing them as re-paints! Premium color editions are just plain excuses for Bandai to make more money out of the same plastic mold. Stop buying these so called “premium color” editions and save your money!

    • sharinganmor92

      except the pce usually dont have half the accessories as the orivinal and im not paying 200+$ for an original brownish green cell anyway

    • Neil Huff

      ….b,b,but I haven’t gotten a chance to buy original Cell at retail price… 🙁

    • Dalubai

      Stop buying? Are you gonna buy us the old Perfect Cell? ¬¬

    • Ali

      Hater alert