BREAKING: SH Figuarts Shenron and God Goku Confirmed for October Release!

It’s that time of the month again (ahem) and the Shonen Jump Dragon Ball merchandise release calendar has been updated!

As we recently witnessed in the Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary World Tour show, the SH Figuarts “God Goku” figure has been polished up nicely. Well, there’s a reason why the prototype looked like it was release ready and it’s because it’s being released October, 2017 at a price of 5,200JPY.

..but WAIT, there’s more news! In what could be the most unexpected release announcement EVER, is the announcement of SH Figuarts Shenron! YES! We’ve been teased to multiple prototypes of an SH Figuarts Shenron for years now. But everyone has always assumed that the figure was simply a display only piece. Well, it’s now confirmed by Shonen Jump!

SH Figuarts Shenron will be released October, 2017 at a price of 9,000JPY!

We don’t currently know exactly what the Shenron figure will look like, but our best guess is that it will look like the latest version displayed over this last weekend at the Tamashii Nations World Tour event in NYC. It wouldn’t make much sense for the official release to be different.


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  • Jonathan Briano

    Wait this Month only has 30 Days ? It’s May already…. What ..? I can’t wait for shenron seriously 80 bucks that looks like a 200 dollar figure.

    • MajinRob

      I have a feeling it will be the next “big deal” in the SHF world.

  • MidEastNuke

    Can not wait!!

  • SSJ_Bardock

    Shenron is excellent news! I hope the final SSG Goku is more like the first prototype we saw, it matched the skinny form more.

    • Rezo Inverse

      I say the same. I really hope that this is not the final version for God Goku.

  • Nick

    Man what a huge surprise!!!

  • Rezo Inverse

    Shenron is really one huge surprise… I never thought they would release it. But… I really would prefer the Kid Goku figure instead of a new grown up Goku (again).

  • J The Gray

    That god goku looks horrible! Not accurate at all

  • Mephistophelolz

    cannot… contain… excitement…!

  • Blake Walker

    Any word on when the preorders might go up?

    • sharinganmor92

      I’m almost wondering if they’ve gone back on this since bbts usually alerts me about pre orders a couple days after I hear news here but its been 10 days

  • Amdazzler

    That Shenron is a must have.