Banpresto DXF – The Super Warriors Vol. 1 Revealed

The DXF line is making a come back with “The Super Warriors”. It will all begin in January, 2017 with their Volume 1 release; Future Trunks, which measures in at a height of 17cm.

Volume 2 of the line has already been confirmed for two months later in March, 2017 and will consist of Super Saiyan 2 Trunks and Black Goku.

DXF The Super Warriors Vol 1 Future Trunks

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  • MidEastNuke

    Cool. Looking forward to ssj2 trunks and black goku more.

    • MajinRob

      Same here, especially Black Goku!

  • Chandler Nunnally

    I am stoked for this. But it seems like it takes soooo long for these figures to come out! If Bandai/Banpresto could start them earlier to have their release coincide with when the characters appear in the show, that would be cool. I’m sure there’s all kinds of contracts in play that make that difficult, though.

  • Kylyn Burn

    Will trunks’ new transformation be in the master stars line up???