Bandai’s SDCC and Anime Expo Exclusives

Bandai has two Dragon Ball themed exclusives in the pipe line for San Diego Comic Con 2018. What’s more is not only will these appear at SDCC, but they will also be at Bandai’s booth at this year’s Anime Expo. Giving fans and collectors an extra chance to pick up the exclusives.

The first exclusive item will be a Dragon Stars – Saiyan Evolution Pack, which will feature three versions of Goku in various forms of Super Saiyan as seen in Dragon Ball Super. The figures will come packaged in a sleek black box, with a removable sleeve that enables to figures to be displayed in the box. The set will retail for $80.00.

Dragon Stars Saiyan Evolution Pack


The other exclusive for the conventions will be a Golden Frieza Scouter, which is a unique take on the well known power level scouters, but this time in a color way celebrating Golden Frieza. The scouter will come in a “premium” matte white packaging and retail for $50.00.

Golden Frieza Scouter

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  • Joseph Fridley

    I would love to get that box set. However, I have a feeling those figures might be split up in later series. It seems that Bandai is trying to put at least one Goku, Vegeta, or Vegito figure in each series wave.