Bandai Figurise Standard Series 2 and 3 Update

According to Shonen Jump’s weekly calendar, Bandai plan to release wave 3 of their Figurise Standard series in November, 2016. This supports the speculation that each wave is set for release every other month due to the wave’s releases being in July, September and November. Based on this and the success of the kits a potential wave 4 could be expected in January.

Also, surprisingly in the same month Shonen Jump states the release of “Plastic model figure rise effects blue and yellow”. Based on this title is can be assumed Bandai plan on releasing a third “Figurise series” based on accessories like chi attacks and auras, similar to the SH Figuarts special effects series.

Keep an eye out for Wave 2 of the Figurise Standard series, which is set to be released on the 17th of September.

Figurise Standard Cell

Figurise Standard Gohan

Shonen Jump Calendar Translation

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