Ford Focus Dragon Ball Z Commercial

By now, you may have heard or already seen Ford Motor Company’s new commercial for the Focus, which features animation from Dragon Ball Z and original voice acting from Funimation.

The commercial utilizes animation specifically from the iconic Namek/Frieza Saga, featuring Gohan and Krillin wishing for three cars with specific features. They’re informed by Porunga that all of these features can be found in the Ford Focus.

Sonny Strait, voice actor of Krillin, has been quoted via comment on the YouTube link below saying:

“Oh man. You should’ve been in the recording booth. The Ford reps were HUGE DBZ fans. They said this was a dream come true for them.”


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  • DRshooter

    This is amazing!!! LOL

    • MajinRob

      I think so too. I own a Ford and really like what they’ve been doing with their products lately, as soon as I pay off my Fiesta ST I’ll be buying a Focus RS as a second car.