Featured Collectors: The Brilliant Customs of Jamal Wright

Many Dragon Ball figure collectors and fans can agree that SH Figuarts makes excellent products, however their line up can be lacking in terms of character diversity. Perhaps the fans aren’t patient enough, or perhaps Tamashii Nations has a tendency to release too many versions of Goku. Whatever the causation is, many popular, older characters have yet to be immortalized in plastic by the Bandai subsidiary and the demand for them leaves a vacuum.

That’s where Jamal Wright steps in. Jamal is a custom figure maker with some serious talent. Additionally he’s also a long time fan of the series, which puts him in a great position to know what kind of demand is out there and for what characters. We were able to touch base with Mr. Wright and ask a few questions regarding his fandom and experience with creating custom figures, as well as obtain a few photos of what we consider to be some of his best work.

How long have you been making customs?

Well a Little over 5 years now. It’s all inspired by my daughter. 1andonly5711 is the user name I chose because it’s when she was born and she is my one and only.

How did you get started?

I started off painting with Walmart brand paint. I made such terrible figures back then. I thought I was the best ever. Then I learned new techniques by looking at others works. Over time I have done many diffrent lines. I have tried real fire to ice type custom effects.

Where do you see your customs in the future? Any skills you hope to learn to continue improving?

Yeah, I want to be as good as Myke Dela Paz. I have so much to learn but it is a process of trying new things. It’s you doing things outside what you are used to. I’d also like to learn to cast better.

What figures are you working on now?

Kid Buu and Fat Buu

What figure has been the most difficult for you to make?

Oozaru. It wasn’t necessarily difficult, just time consuming to get everything even.

Check out the gallery of Jamal’s work below. While impressive it is only a fraction of his entire body of work:

To follow Jamal and his current works, check out his Instagram.

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  • Rezo Inverse

    For a moment, I thought It was a new announcement from Bandai.haha

    They really look good.

    • MajinRob

      Thats why I like his figures so much. Some customs look obviously fan made, but his are so good that I cant tell some times.

      • Rezo Inverse